Project work: think about buying back credit to realize your desires.

It’s spring. This season is often the occasion for large households and renewal for its interior. In short, a real stir! Many individuals took advantage of this period to carry out heavier decoration or renovation work.

The good advice is to ask for several quotes to compare prices and craftsmen. Then, you will have to choose the way to finance your work according to your budget.

To finance its work three options

To finance its work three options

  • 1) Draw from your savings,

  • 2) take out consumer credit,

  • 3) redeem its current credits to carry out this project.

The French are more ants than cicadas. Many households prefer to use their savings to finance work.

However, depending on the type of work required, the grade can go from simple to double. For example, it takes a few hundred USD per m² for beautification work (paint, floor, decoration). For renovations, the invoice can be between 500 USD / m² and 1000 USD / m² depending on the finishes chosen. For technical parts or heavier work, the total can reach 1500 USD per m² or more. A budget which can therefore be high and which is not within the reach of all budgets.

Consumer credit can therefore be an alternative. If you wish to take out a work loan but you have several other loans in progress and the financing is blocked. The repurchase of credit can be the solution. Indeed, the grouping of credits is an option to carry out new projects.

How credit buyback works

How credit buyback works

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to regroup all its credits (car loan, personal loan, mortgage) in only one. There are two types of debt restructuring: buying consumer credit and buying mortgage.

The first mainly concerns consumer loans, the second includes a mortgage. So, depending on your current situation, you may be able to find a solution. The objective is to reduce the borrower’s debt ratio and in certain cases to obtain new cash to carry out his project. To do this, do not hesitate to carry out credit repurchase simulations or compare credit repurchases online.

Good to know :

It is possible to take advantage of aid from the National Housing Agency (Anah) or even the eco-ptz to get a boost in the context of an energy renovation.